Socrates’s disciples

In order to counterattack possible unconscious biases that the different parties that take part in the dialogue may have, users with the role of Socrates’s Disciple, will be replying to specific ideas with questions, utilizing the Socratic Method. This will allow implied assumptions to be shown, and to be revised, in order to expose possible underlying contradictions.

Any user can become a Scorates’s Disciple, but once they have this role, they may not partake in the Dialogue itself as a participating user, and can’t support any of the different views.

Their sole duty is to shed light on the implied assumptions and expose them.

Jacques-Louis David  (1748–1825) – The Death of Socrates

Want to become a Socrates’s Disciple?

In order to become a Socrates’s Disciple, you would have to show your skills in the usage of the Socratic Method in order to prove that you would be useful in the task of exposing biased assumptions and contradictions.

Do you believe you are up to the task?

Write an email to, with the subject being “Socrates’s Disciple”, and explain to us why you want to become a Socrates’s Disciple.