Our Mission

The Agora Online is a community-based platform, that seeks to create a space for political and philosophical discussion, centered on logical argumentation, and pushing an unbiased dialogue.

In order to achieve this, we set up a system that only allows discussions to take place through pieces of an argumentative text, like Introduction, Arguments, and Conclusions, avoiding this way, letting the discussion turn to an unrelated topic. This system also encourages the same users of the platform to review the logical quality of the arguments used, by upvoting or downvoting these arguments that aren’t convincing.

Our mission is to utilize the possibilities of social media and the internet, in order to generate useful dialogues, in a way that on other platforms hasn’t been yet achieved. We have the hope that many people seeking truth and knowledge, while conversating under a set of logical rules made to optimize the exchange of ideas and points of view, will be able to learn something new from all the different perspectives that are to be found around the globe.