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Will this work?

This is an interesting idea:  Bring the receipts or STFU.  I like it.

Will it work?

There’s so much money made on noise.  Algorithms developed to ensure you see what other algorithms have determined really, really pisses you off.  Will reasoned rational discussion based on fact actually work?  I sure do hope so.

Encouragement to you.

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Hypothesis & Argument: I do believe this has the potential to turn into an interesting platform, and really bring people together for productive discussions. For many, it could be restrictive to have to limit themselves only to this format. But I think it makes the necessary division between personal matters and logical discussions. It is important not to take ideologies too personally, otherwise, they end up changing ourselves, and we can end up becoming nothing but extensions of an ideology.
Political Identity Over Personal Impact: Early U.S. Reactions to the COVID-19 Pandemic

I don’t believe the majority of people see this, but many will eventually do. Besides, it’s a big world, I think it is mathematically naive to think our opinions and thoughts aren’t repeated by anybody else.

Anyway, Welcome to The Agora Online , and thanks for your participation and contribution.

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