The Agora Online

A space for rational discussions

The Agora Online is a community-based, platform for philosophical discussions, that tries to generate an unbiased dialogue.

The meeting point of science and philosophy

The Agora Online works under a system based on the Socratic method of dialogue, and scientific and argumentative forms of debate. Through this method, we can provide the perfect circumstances for different views to be exposed and discussed freely through different means of logical support.

the agora online, a place for philosophical discussions

Philosophical discussions for free thinkers.

Explore new ways of thinking and get closer to the truth. The Agora Online is the perfect place to continue political or philosophical discussions. Our system of dialogue pushes the partakers to get rid of their biases, by questioning them and exposing their own contradictions.


Find a clearer understanding of both sides in The Agora Online.

Get to know better what lies beyond your understanding, by opening your mind, and seeing your opinions through the eyes of others, and under the light of objective judgment. Discover how much you actually don’t know.